We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over those years. We work hard for our clients, improving the way of life, one project at a time. We work to meet present day needs, without compromising the future.

Our Certified Energy Advisors offer third party advice and are licensed by Natural Resoures Canada thru the service orginization of 

Canadian Home Builders Association of BC 

For new houses :  We work with the Builder, Developer,  Designer or Architech to achieve an ENERGUIDE RATING and help with code compliance thru the

​performance path in BCBC 9.36.5

First step is to send us your plans to model the house using our software in the design phase.

Once built we make a site visit to test the house using a Blower Door  Test. We can then submit to Natural Resources Canada for an ENERGUIDE RATING.  

**Some builders prefer a second blower door test done prior to insulation.

This gives them the opportunity to stop air leakage before its too late

For Existing houses: We start with determining the floor area and volume of the house. We also gather info such as window/door sizes, HVAC equipment, domestic HW, ie.  We can then move on to testing the living/conditioned space for leakage. We use a RetroTec calibrated fan with digital guage so we can find  ELA ( Equivalant Leakage Area). We can then find the specific leakage using isolation techniques, puffer smoke and even thermal imaging. We can offer pin point advice for energy ugrades and solutions physically or thru software.

These upgrades not only save money every year on energy consumption, but also create a more comfortable living space. A lot of the time these fixes are low cost DYI with our Certified Energy Advisor as consultant. We provide detailed lists to homeowners, so they can then get bids or even fix it themselves!

Why do I want to stop air leakage?

Air leakage can bring with it "dirty air". Dirty air can contain all types of air borne pollutants including mold. Stopping dirty air from entering your home will create a more comfortable living space. Finding out exactly where that dirty air is entering, we are here to help with special diagnostic tools to find even the smallest leak. If air is leaking thru...Heat is leaking out! Having a tighter home increases energy cost savings


About us 

your home performance contractor


Our Energy Advisor will model your new  build in the plan stage using our software and your plans, to provide you with an estimated ENERGUIDE rating.

Send us your plans to get started


Thinking of buying or selling?
Call us before! We will test the house for leakage and calculate the cost of energy consumption in

$ / year in its current state and provide you with a detailed list of upgrades and associated  $$ savings

Need RSI calculations?/

​Effective thermal Resistance
We can help you with all your effective RSI calculations for your architechural plans before approval.

Send us your plans to get started




Why have a pre dry wall BDT?

Having our CEA come out for a

pre dry wall blower door test will allow you to find any leaks and fix them now before the dry wall makes it impossible.

Finding these leaks now and addressing them will save a lot of $ and grief over time.

Pre dry wall test BDT is included in the Energy Star package.

​Energy Consulting

​Our sustainable energy managers

​and advisors can assist you with all your

​code compliance, plan approval and labelling programs

​A list of services and programs:



​-Effective R/R.S.I value calculations

-Blower door testing

​-Puffer smoke leak detection

-Thermal Imageing

​-Energy model and lists of upgrades

​for existing homes

​-We offer detailed detailed summary breakdowns to all our clients